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Cookbook Dutch Dishes

In stock
€ 20.99

The best DUTCH DISHES by Blond Amsterdam.
The cookbook for all Blond Amsterdam en Dutch food fans.

For all Blond Amsterdam and Dutch food fans we bring you this re-release of our Dutch Dishes cookbook. In this cookbook you will find the most classic Dutch dishes, from meatballs and croquettes to the best 'stamppot' recipes, with a Blond Amsterdam twist. Printed in the style of our Delfts Blond collection.

After 12 years this cookbook is being re-released in a new cover. Foodtrends pass by so quickly its hard to keep track. This book will help you remember grandma's best recipes. Surprise your friends with a 'hete bliksem' on a cold winters day, and enjoy a nice 'hangop' on a warm summer evening. 

Great as a gift, but also very fun for yourself!

  • Material: Paper
  • 66 Recipes
  • Publisher: Kosmos


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